Mighty to Save

This week was the last 'real' week of TSC. Next week there is still Salt, but it's Anthem! And I love Anthem :) My friends and I started some odd tradition of dressing up like country folk.....which makes it all the more funny. (I think this tradition started because my friend and I randomly bought new cowboy boots on the day of one Anthem and of course wore them to show them off...)

Anyways. Salt Company. 4.23.09 Mark Arant. Romans 16

We began the night singing two of my three favorite songs. Two of the lines from both songs were:
"You've stolen my heart, yes you have"
"I cannot run, your love is chasing me"

And that just got me to thinking about God's constant pursuit of us. He never gives up on us, and I love that. Everyone on this earth will, at some point, fail us. It's inevitable, were human, sinful, and suck at life from time to time. BUT He doesn't!!!

I've really been battling through this concept due to a situation that is very dear to my heart. We chase after so many things in this life because we think we will find our happiness in them. We are such short term thinkers. We need to see results right now, or it couldn't POSSIBLY be beneficial for us. I know that I need to think long term, and I strive to do so....but amidst all the marketing and promoting of 'this will make you happy, you need this, everyone has it' we are encouraged to jump the short term thinking boat. (thanks to my marketing degree I don't buy these slogans as much anymore  ;) ha)

Another part of this problem is, is that when we sin, and sin boldly Satan convinces us that we are far beyond the reach of God and that God couldn't possibly want us back. The lies go deeper into we could never be forgiven for whatever we've done. These statements, which are lies, couldn't be farther from the truth. The God who SAVED you, is ABLE to SAVE you AGAIN. In other words He is willing and able to fight for you and does not desire to let you go. He longs to establish us in our faith. He has called us His. This truth blows me away in awe of who He is and how much he loves you and me. He is mighty to save.

That truth has given me so much assurance for the lost sheep out there, and for those of us who slip into short term thinking. He desires to take us out of our depths, and show us who we can be.

His love is chasing you.

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