I'm a hard worker. I enjoy being diligent at my job and getting a lot accomplished in a days work. I'm thankful I have a job that involves some physical labor, which allows me to feel like I 'worked'...........However when it comes to deadlines, I suck.

I'm not sure what is it about deadlines that deter me from being efficient with my time leading up to them. I think some part of me thinks that if I put something off long enough it won't happen or come. The other negative reinforcement is that I've discovered waiting until the last minute, especially with art, I have produced some of my best works.

There are a few deadlines in my life, fast approaching. One of which I felt was so important I even wrote a count down on my calendar to remind me to be purposeful with my time. This last week I was thinking about that countdown I started......and I realized that I could tell a lot about how I viewed God by how I was handling my deadlines.

I feel like on some days God is the last item on the list of importance, which is wrong I know. So often I get into a mindset that "God put these things in my path today so clearly I should give them my full attention." And yes it's possible, rather very likely, that He has put things in my path, however if I don't maintain my relationship with Him, I limit the possibilities of these things. It's my choice.

Waiting until the last minute, I'm seeing, in many ways, limits my view of God. By waiting I end up not expecting something BIG, or trusting in Him through the situation. I truly desire both of these though.

"God help me with my close-mindedness. Help me to see your power and strength when I depend fully on you."


Herb Garden

I love the idea of growing a garden. I love it so much that I've helped my dad plant 9 acres of asparagus and 6 acres of raspberries. CLEARLY not just for our own consumption :) But I love home grown vegetables.....so to my delight while garage selling I found a herb growing kit so that you can have home grown herbs year round! 
The kit came with 2 packages each of parsley, dill, basil and cilantro, and as the box says.....$1.00. Such a deal :)