"All things for My good..."

It's been almost a year. How does that happen!?! Life has been teaching me so much. I think the consistent theme is that God can and does use all things for His greater good.

My grandma past away in March, roughly 2 weeks over the one year mark of me taking her to the hospital. What a challenging year that was. Through that vulnerable time I desired for God to use my faith in Him in some clear way to share with at least one person. To date, there's been 2! Both of which were incredibly hard, and not at all how my mind envisioned being used by Him. But that's the best part! Because they were unexpected conversations, I didn't have a preplanned, scripted conversation in my head that I PLANNED out. I was forced to be fully dependent on Him and the words that He would give me.

After serving with the junior high ministry at church for 3 years I made the switch to Salt Company, the college ministry. I felt like God was calling me back to that ministry but I knew I also really wanted to be doing it again so was hopeful it really was God's plan!! The first week revealed that it was. I loved their ability to trust and share their lives with me after knowing me for less than 1 hour. I recently had a conversation with one of the girls that gave me the opportunity to share with her much of my past to direct her to truth. She proceeded to then say, "I don't like it yet, but I know it's Truth." What a sweet place to be. To know that God uses my sin and brokenness to appeal to others where they are at and point them to His Truth and Love and Grace.

So often I can be bummed out about my life prior to knowing Him. And it's incredibly humbling watching Him use it for His purposes.