First off, let me share a little chart with you that I put together:




Todd Dr.

June ‘03-Aug ’03

dad, his girlfriend

Friley Dorm

Aug ’03 - May ’04


Todd Dr. (again)

May ’04 - Nov ’04

dad, his girlfriend

Sterling University (now University West)

Nov ’04 - May ’06

Jenn, Staci, Abbey, Ashlyn, Katie

Fountain View Apartments

May ’06 - July ’07

Christi, Sarah

826 Dickinson

Aug ’07 - July '08

Natalie, Emily, Melissa

Meg’s Bedroom

Aug ’08

Meg, and her roommates

Walnut Place (The couch at my friends apt)

Aug ’08 - Sept ’08

Carley, Dani, Katie, Keri

Sand Cherry Lane

Oct ’08 - May ’09

Joy, Scott, Joe, Sam, Naomi, Josh

E. 7th St.

May ’09 - May ’10

Debra, Brian

North Dakota (Creek Blvd.)

June ’10 - July ’10

Tracy, Samantha, Angie






7 years


If you can't look at that chart and think to yourself, "HOLY COW" "DANG GIRL!!!" "ARE YOU SICK OF MOVING?!?" then you probably need to glance back up look at the dates and the totals I put at the bottom for those that just want to glance quick.

12 places in 7 years. 33 roommates. To say the least, I've learned a lot about me in that time. Whom I'm compatible with. The characteristics I like about myself, and those that I'd like to work on. The qualities I hope to find in a guy that I might marry someday if the Lord has that in my path.

This last week it finally became overwhelming. I hit the wall that I've learned many would have hit a long time ago. Somewhere a long the trail of life in 7 years I acquired much of what is needed to fill a small house. So each time, I GET to pack it all up, and haul it off to the next place. Some of the places I've lived (more towards the past 2 years) I knew it was short term, so prior to moving I had to pack with the mind of "Will I need this in the next ______?" and put it in the container that fit its new description.

One thing is for sure that I've learned to TRUST in God through this because He's clearly had His hand in all of it and I know it does me no good to worry. Zero. NADA. Well like a few other things, 'worldness' (my word for societal norms if you will) creeps in. This comes by way of being asked by every other person, "so where are you living now?" and any variation of it. Once enough people ask you about something, or at least me, it makes me think more on the subject. SO there I admit, I started to doubt, be frustrated with all this moving, wanting a 'settled' life whatever that looked like, have permanence, a desire to actually unpack EVERYTHING. So on Thursday before work I finally lost it. cried like a baby. after my roommate left for work. yep and PRIDEFUL, thank you.

I keep wondering should I just sell it all? Or at least some of it? But then I'll be irritated in ___ years when this is changed and I could use the couch that I bought, sold for a fraction of the price, and now have to buy new. I don't enjoy realizing "oh hey I need ______. Now is that at Moms? Dad's? Storage in Union? With me and I can't find it? or in my trunk???" Yes I get to run through 5 places before I chalk whatever it is on the list of Lost items from all the moving.

I wish this is what moving looked like:

Well I can promise you that I've learned A LOT about patience, and being in the world but not of it. (Disclaimer, it is not advised to move from your lush *I don't care where you live in America, it is lush* apartment less than 36 hours back from a 3rd world country) I don't know what is in store, in 2 weeks for me. I know it will be fine. Worst case scenario, I wisely have stored my tent, sleeping bag, and camping gear in my trunk, so it just might be camping season ;)