God's timing usually makes me smile when I finally see/understand even a small portion of what is going on......... But occasionally it makes me laugh. And that is exactly what I've done for the past couple of hours.

Working in a coffee shop, seeing many faces, some of which are regulars and some I've never seen before. I love knowing that God uses moments and conversations in their lives far more than I can fathom. Every once in awhile He allows me to see a small part of how He might be using it and it brings me great JOY.

Two weeks ago I worked Saturday night. I was starting to feel tired with 2 hours left in my shift when this couple walked in. Something about them drew me into conversation with them. I'm pretty sure it began with me asking about their tattoos (I love tattoos. And I also know they always have a story...) Long story short, they are christians, she's not from here and doesn't know a bunch of people, and aren't currently attending a church. So I invited them to the Church I'm a part of Cornerstone, gave her my name and number and told her I'd love to take them anytime. She added me to facebook a few days later :) I'm excited to get to know them, they are into art too!

Tonight, also a Saturday......I worked again. I'll spare the details....maybe someday the readers of this blog will get to hear them..... In short it was a God moment that totally made me laugh on the inside for the rest of the night. I could just imagine God smiling and enjoying His humor!

I guess in short....I should be willing to work more Saturday nights....


Fight Like a girl!

Around Father's Day this past June, My dad's sister Kathy found out she had Uteran Cancer. It was very early stage, and they did surgery mid July. This was very hard for my family especially considering my grandparents are yet to have had cancer themselves, but had to watch their daughter have it. She had the BEST attitude about it. Sh
e remade upbeat before and after surgery becoming a great testimony to all of our family. 
Healing took a little longer than expected, but she started chemo just over a month ago. She knew her hair would fall out and decided that she would rather just shave it off than go through watching it coming out. So one night last week I went over and shaved her head. God is teaching me much about strength through her!

just before the fun began...

Cutting the first locks off

After cutting it all short with scissors...

Admiring my handy work :)

The minor detail I left out.....She decided that if she had to lose her hair, she was going to have fun with it. We shaved ISU into her hair, and she left it for the football game! This probably makes her the COOLEST AUNT.

The two of us after the fact. She's beautiful!