Wisdom #1 Fantasizing vs. Accepting

I read this awesome book Wisdom Hunter that my boss suggested. Awesome is an understatement. More on the book later. However there was a concept in that book that I'm going to be applying from now and that was writing down the big things I learn along the way.

I was talking with my mom about life a week or so ago and expressing some of my frustrations. She's done a good job of asking questions to get me to develop my own opinion versus accepting hers. Towards the end of the conversation she said, "you know Jess, maybe you've been fantasizing what it should have been, but instead you need to accept what it was." At first my reaction was the typical mental note of 'yeah, yeah, yeah...' But of course she said it to me right before I left her house with an hour drive ahead of me.

What did I think about at least 70% of the way back.... her statement of course!!! And of course I stumbled upon the reality that I was doing that. Not to mention that we live in a world that does that.

I guess it falls into the category of 'keeping up with the Jones' ' But in reality I think it comes down to pride. Pride that if my life were just like so and so it'd be better in this way or that way. I was really doing that with my past and my family upbringing. The truth is that God did it the way He did ON PURPOSE.

So whatever it is you think you need to have or be to be better or do better at whatever.... Look at the tool kit you already have. Chances are the tool is down at the bottom underneath everything. Or quite possibly the tool you thought you needed, wasn't at all necessary for the job.

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