Grande size it please....

I was talking with one of my awesome friends Jessie Vasquez a week or so ago about God's blessings. She was telling me about how much God had blessed her recently and she was able to recount many of the things she felt blessed by.
We were also discussing the concept of God calling us to be a blessing to others and what that looks like realistically. I find it interesting that I can recount several times that within a few days I've felt continually blessed to the point of wondering "WHAT THE HECK??" Not that I don't enjoy being blessed. I'm pretty sure everyone does. But rather a humbling response as in, I so don't deserve this. And that's where the fork in the road is and I tend very often, to go to wrong direction off this fork.
Let me explain. My immediate reaction is yes, I don't deserve this. But in my sinful nature my next statement or thought is, "well I would really like........." fill in the blank, you know what I mean. So instead of allowing my blessings to over flow, you know that phrase 'my cup over floweth' I just allow my personal blessing cup to grow taller. I didn't realize this or connect the dots until my conversation with Jessie.
We all have someone in our lives that could use a blessing. And it's my belief that God could use us to be a blessing to them. So I challenged Jessie, and myself to the next time we feel the blessings being thrown at us to keep our 'cup size' in check. No grande cups :)

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  1. I'm laughing, smiling and almost crying..thanks Jessie! I was talking to my dad about it too, How I always want to upsize to a Venti. Thanks for being such a blessing to me. I always look forward to our hangout time!! Love ya girl!