I grew up in this small town, Union, IA. I try to tell people what life was like there, but quite frankly when you grow up in Ames or any other bigger town similar......it's hard to imagine a town of 600. And that's INCLUDING all the people in the country.

Case in point. I went home for thanksgiving with My Mom, Stepdad, Sister, and Stepdad's extended family. My sister and I went into town early to see our cousins and hang out before lunch. We turn down the road to my Uncle's house and from 3 blocks away we can see this house that looks like something strange is going on. 2 blocks away you begin to make out that it appears they have some yard blow up Christmas decorations. 1 block away and you realize that SOME doesn't even begin to describe the issue. To put it plainly.....the Griswald's moved to Union and the next National Lampoon's Vacation will be featuring my home town ;) (so if there were really were one being made it should be of these people......)

I immediately roll down the window. Stop and tell my sister to take pictures. I had to take 3 to get ALL the displays included. Who knew elephants had something to do with Christmas.

A little bit further north and you get the view that encompasses the largest quantity...

And the final shot......forget the sleigh this year folks. Santa's headin' your way on a Harley or ATV. Watch out ;) That's right.....a grand total of 39!!!!! I would hate to know their electric bill
One of the most humorous parts of this sight is that our Grandma used to live here. So we have many memories including this house, but never were we so creative!

I left my hometown shortly after lunch was prepared with tupperware containers of everything and headed back to Ames to be at work by noon. One of our regulars came in just after I had got to work. He couldn't believe we were open and was very concerned that I had to eat Thanksgiving dinner alone, in the car. So he promised to return before I got off work. He showed up around 6:30 with a grocery sack full of goodies. Said "we packaged it in containers we don't need back so don't worry about saving them. Happy Thanksgiving" This is what my feast included:

I am so blessed to have people in my life that are so thoughtful!

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