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I've always been a bit feisty. I can't exactly explain why....Maybe it has something to do with the fact that whenever my grandma is asked how she is doing her answer is "fat and sassy, mean and nasty." Ha... it's possible, I guess, however, I think a better explanation is probably that I've seen a lot of situations given up on in my life. Not to discredit any party or give blame, just in general. So because of this, I've learned a great deal about 'Learning to pick your battles' More often than not things don't bother me too much....However occasionally I get stubborn about my developed opinion and I'm not willing to sway on it. And I've learned that sometimes, it is better to keep this opinion to myself. Unfortunately this revelation often comes after I've already shared it.

Recently God provided a chance for me to shine at this, or to fall on my face. It came in the form of a conversation and someone said something that really triggered me. I instantly had at least 5 things to fire back....instead I sat there for a minute slightly shocked by the conversation.

I sat long enough to realize I had a choice. I could fire back....which would probably only begin/extend the issue. OR I could CHOOSE to see it as a blessing. A blessing in disguise for sure...but a blessing no less!!! As I sat there I began to pray for this person and the conversation. It was somewhat frustrating in the moment I wont lie. I even had to call a friend that I knew would speak wisdom and truth to me. It's been three days and I'm still thinking about it. I think the most awestrucking part is that God quite possibly allowed what was said, to be said, just so that I would pray!!

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